Downtown East Lansing to see renovations

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By Jonathan Jarbou
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

The already vibrant downtown East Lansing is looking at a yearlong project that will introduce an eight-story high-rise at the corner of Albert Avenue and Grove Street. The buildings will include contain one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments on the upper floors. The street level will consist of commercial space. According to the City of East Lansing’s website the project includes an eight-story building on a 0.23 acre parcel with 42 housing units for up to 84 residents and will cost about $9.7 million. “I think there has been a perception with some students that we want to push some students to Chandler Road, and that’s not the case,” East Lansing City Manager Tim Dempsey said. “We are a university community and we recognize that and embrace that. While these building will appeal to more than just students, students will live in them and that’s great.”

Along with the eight-story, building there will be a four-story building, the St. Anne Lofts, that will be used for commercial space and housing. The eight-story building will be eight stories of apartments with commercial space on the main floor. The St. Anne lofts will be all commercial space on the first floor and partially commercial on the second floor, with the top two floor being dedicated to housing, according to Dempsey. . The first floor is proposed to be utilized for restaurant space, with extensive outdoor seating. The project would also address a need for improvements in downtown East Lansing’s infrastructure, particularly the water and sewer infrastructure according to the City of East Lansing’s website. “To have more people in the center of the city is great,” Dempsey said. “Honestly I don’t see any negatives.” Kris Elliott is the owner of the buildings to be. Elliott is an entrepreneur that has bought many buildings in the downtown Lansing, and East Lansing area. Elliott is the owner of Infinity Companies LLC on 213 Ann Street. Elliott could not be reached for comment. The Post, a popular destination in the downtown area, will not be coming back after the development is constructed. The post was formerly Troppo and before that it was Bilbo’s. The post along with the rest of the current development is owned by Elliott. The projects are being developed by A&G Partnership Developers David Krause and David Cron, both of which could not be reached for comment. The developer is proposing to completely redevelop the .224 acre site according to the City of East Lansing’s website. The proposed project includes no on-site parking, as the proposed building would be located adjacent to the Grove Street Parking Ramp, which would provide parking spaces according to the City of East Lansing’s website.

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