Haslett School Board Re-election

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Re-election of the Haslett School Board took place on July 14. President Chris Coady was re-elected president for her second term; and will steer Haslett Schools for the upcoming year.

Other Haslett School Board members were elected remained in the same 2010 positions. Members include: Vice –president Don Frank, Treasurer Lorie Barbieri, Scretary Kristen Beltzer, and Trustees Tobias Timm, Tom Fowler and Bev Levy.

“Our board operates non-hierarchical,” Coady said. “We operate as a body of seven, and take turns fulfilling different roles.”

Haslett Schools has had a rough past couple years, but it seems like it will be staying at a stand still for a little while longer. School Board staff is the same, with no new programs implemented, which leaves the school district with no knew direction.

“Our goal as the school board is to set the vision and mission of the district, in hiring and firing the superintendant and to set goals,” Coady said. “Those are all becoming harder and harder things to do in the current environment.”

With students the loss of about twenty students per year, the school system does not have the funding it needs, which makes for a big problem in the school district.  The school board feels they have done the best job at weathering the storm as best as they could the past few years.

Coady says she is very proud to be a member of the school board. She feels like they have help steered the district to continue to strive to be the best school district in the difficult times, without having to sacrifice the quality of the students’ education.

Response to Intervention, RTI, is a program that is still going on in the county. RTI is a program designed to help students of all ages, who are struggling in with their academics. Series of tools are implemented, for individual students and problems, and are very successful.

With details still in the works, there will be a staff evaluation in place. Evaluations will be directly tied to student performance. Working with other districts to share services and recourses is in the works for Haslett schools.

“Our main goal is the achievement of our students,” Coady said.


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