Expanding Daycare in Mason

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A local daycare will be able to expand after the Mason Planning Commission approved a Special Use Permit for 335 East Elm Street daycare.

Daycare provider, Debbie O’Loughlin was seeking the special use permit for up to 12 children and already has a daycare for up to six.  On Tuesday, July 12, the planning commission granted the permit in a unanimous vote.

When it came to the issues behind the approval, the main concern for the city was that the location of the daycare may create hazardous traffic flow around the daycare area which was indicated in a hand-drawn map in the application.

“It wasn’t a concern for me,” O’Loughlin said because she was already recommended for approval.

The location is also near the elementary school and she said she only takes children from teachers.

“It’s a great location because the kids can walk back and forth from the school to the daycare,” she said.

O’Loughlin said she had five families on the waiting list that amounts to about eight extra kids.  She also said that her 26-year-old daughter would be assisting her in managing the daycare.

Another issue for O’Loughlin was the timeliness of the process and she was concerned she would not be able to get her paperwork done in time to start admitting more kids before school started. 

O’Loughlin said she is relieved now that this first step is completed because now all that is left to do is get the state licensing but she doesn’t think it will take as long.  According to city regulations, she is not permitted to care for more than 12 kids at a time without city approval and would still need a license from the state of Michigan after approval.

“There’s always a shortage of good daycares so it’s nice to be able to provide more opportunity for families in the community,” she said.









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