East Lansing's summer happenings

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By Emily Sklar
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

As my first experience with an East Lansing summer kicks off, I am completely surprised by the amount of activity going on in the city. With the students gone, I did not know that the city would still feel so alive, the way it does when school is in session. But still, even without the majority of East Lansing’s population in the city, there still seems to be much going on.

The staff at Entirely East Lansing has begun to compile a vast amount of stories that they will report on throughout this summer semester here in East Lansing. We started off going to a city council meeting, where there was much discussion concerning local businesses. El Azteco was granted by the council the right to sell packaged beer and wine, while the BP on Michigan Ave. was denied the same request. The city manager of East Lansing sent in his letter of resignation and informed the city on his plans to move to Upper Arlington and take the same position there.

The Common Ground music festival is going on currently in Lansing, but East Lansing has played a part in the planning for the event. It would be interesting to learn about how these two cities work together in planning events and how money is allocated for this planning.

Although the second summer semester is still in its early stages, it seems like summer in East Lansing will bring much excitement, as well as many interesting stories.


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