Blog 3: A Mason Festival Picks up Steam

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It was a marvelous second day for the Mason Steam Engine and Thresher’s Club Festival on Saturday. The weather was perfect and the venue was packed with people excited to see the antique steam engines on display. The 3-day show always starts on the last Friday of July and ends on Sunday, July 31.

A steam engine from the 1930s

A Case Steam Engine from the 1920s

People came out in droves to see the antique steam engine vehicles, many of which dated back to the 1920s before gas engines were invented and the industrial revolution took over the farming industry.

The rugged festival grounds; a camp site in the background

A tractor ride around the festival grounds

They also enjoyed tractor rides around the muddy, rugged fair grounds as well as demonstrations from the wide array of steam engines that were ridden around festival grounds and sounded their distinctive whistles much to the delight of spectators.

Letting off some steam...

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