St. Patrick’s Day tradition visible during holiday

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By Michael Pendy
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

Every year on March 17, people across the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrators will wear green in hopes to receive some of the magical “luck of the Irish.” But one of the things that St. Patrick’s Day followers like the most about the holiday is the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal.

“Our whole family looks forward to it, which is odd when you have a family of six and we all can agree on something. We have it every year on March 17th, it is tradition,” said DeWitt resident Margie Quinne. Quinne added, “We normally have leftovers too and the kids love corned beef sandwiches for a couple days after. It makes packing lunches easier.”

She also shared her peculiar way of preparing it.

“I cook it in a crock pot and leave it on low for almost nine hours. Some may think I’m crazy for doing it that way, but the taste you get is worth it. I wouldn’t do it any other way.”

Corned beef on display

And the people eating the meal aren’t the only ones getting satisfaction. DeWitt’s Meijer seafood and meat supervisor likes seeing the piles of corned beef roast in the meat department.

“Our corporate office orders the amounts of food for us for special occasions like these. We have about eight times the amount of corned beef in our selection leading up to St. Patrick’s Day than we normally do. The profit from it has got to be hefty. We have different types, but most people seem to want the traditional corned beef brisket. We price it for almost four dollars per pound during this time of year.”

When asked exactly how much Meijer exactly sells during the time of year, the supervisor didn’t exactly know, but said it was more than a lot.

He added, “Tons and tons. We get lots of questions from customers about how to cook the corned beef and ways to make it last. You definitely know it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day when the delivery comes in and the questions are requested.”

Another Meijer employee and St. Patrick’s Day follower agreed.

“We must stock up on the typical St. Patrick’s Day foods. I can tell there are more potatoes than there normally is from halfway across the store,” said Meijer cashier Dana Mendoza. She added, “I’m sure it’s the same way for cabbage as well.”

DeWitt Meijer meat market

After the holiday, most of the foods from St. Patrick’s Day will be put on sale.

“My mom and grandma usually make a couple St. Patrick’s Day meals throughout the year. It’s definitely cheaper at other points in the year, but everyone has to have it on St. Patrick’s Day- especially if you’re Irish,” said Mendoza.

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