Holt eighth graders get college promises

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By Ashleigh Rogers
Holt Journal staff writer

Students of Holt Junior High School sign their promises to pursue their college educations at L.C.C.

On Monday, March 4, five eighth graders from Holt Junior High School were awarded scholarships to help them pursue their future college educations.

During a special awards ceremony, students Josh Golden, Hien Lee, Makayla Kost, Daisa Clemons and Danny Martinez each signed a promise to graduate from high school and attend Lansing Community College.

“We were called into the office about three weeks ago,” said Golden. “Some of us were so excited we cried.” Golden explained that he is very excited to pursue his educational goals toward a career as a pediatric doctor.

The students were given the scholarships on behalf of a new scholarship program called H.O.L.T. – Help Others Learn Together. The program began in 2009, and aims to provide education scholarships to “at-risk” students who otherwise would not have the means to pursue a college education due to financial, cultural or physical circumstances. The H.O.L.T. Scholarship Board is made up of a small group of Holt community members that have volunteered their time and work efforts to the program. Delhi Township Supervisor Stuart Goodrich had been wanting to begin such a program, hearing about a similar program in Kalamazoo.

“I kept grumbling about it and my wife finally said you better do something about it or shut up,” Goodrich explained.

Private donations and corporate donations are offered to the program to help support the funds for the scholarships.

Holt Public School Board Superintendent Johnny Scott explained that the ceremony was a very special moment for the Holt community to reach out to its students. He also stated that the community needs to continue to contribute donations to support these types of efforts.

“It’s no secret Holt schools are special,” Scott stated, “and we want to continue to give our students opportunities.


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