Community, MSU show respect after Japan quake

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 By Mariah Montenegro
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

On March 11, disaster struck Japan. An earthquake followed by a tsunami has devastated thousands in Japan and residents of East Lansing which has a high Japanese population.

The American Red Cross in East Lansing is accepting donations from members of the community looking to give to those living in tragedy in Japan.

The American Red Cross prefers that donations and additional gifts be made on their website.

Clubs and activities at Michigan State University are also planning events to help students mourn and give back.

Student Alex Smith didn’t know what to think of the news when he first heard of the earthquake hitting Japan. “It did not have a profound impact on me, at first.” He explains he did not think the earthquake would result in such a disaster.   

 The natural disaster and its aftermath has affected the Michigan State community. The MSU Japan Club is asking students, faculty, and staff and any others to make donations to the Red Cross at numerous locations including:

The International Center, the Business Center Complex, Owen Cafeteria, Brody Cafeteria and the College of Law.

 “I hope Japan is able to pick up their economy and society quickly,” said senior English major Matthew Hall “I was surprised to hear China was willing to help, since there has always been a kind of rivalry.”

The Michigan State Japan Club has scheduled a candlelight vigil to “gather the greater Spartan community in a moment of prayer for their homeland.” The vigil was postponed from Sunday’s schedule time due to inclement weather.

Other organizations accepting donations outside of East Lansing include Itunes, Twitter, Facebook, Shelterbox, and Doctors without Boarders.

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