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Matt Epling was in 8th grade in East Lansing, when freshmen boys started hazing and bullying him. This constant abuse caused matt to commit suicide.
Matt’s father, Kevin has now become active in the fight against bullying, he is now the national co-chair of Bullypolice USA, an organization that works to stop bullying in schools.
With the help of Kevin, Bullypolice USA and The Trust Theatre Ensemble, The Bullycide Project made a one-night onle performance at MSU’s Wharton Center.
Kevin says this kind of event will bring awareness to the issue.
Along with talking to schools around Michigan and events like The Bullycide Project, Kevin has taken his concern to the capitol.
Kevin with the help of State Representative Mark Meadows introduced Matt’s Safe School Law will put a mandatory anti-bullying policy in schools so kids can feel safe while in the classroom and outside of school grounds.
Kevin is hopeful this will all bring an end to bullying

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