Bath Charter Township Senior Center collects old medication

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By Colby Berthume
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 26, the Bath Charter Township Senior Center held its first ever medication collection for members of the community.

“Clinton County Waste Management contacted us about the idea,” Bath Senior Center director of operations Susan Aleo said. “We were more than thrilled to be able to provide an outlet for an event like this to take place.”

Any old or unwanted medication was collected, and Aleo said that more than 70 people came and anonymously dropped their medication off during the five-hour event.

Pharmacist Pat Bridson separates the medication while police officer Tom Decker watches over. Photo by Colby Berthume

After the medication was dropped off, the labels were stripped from the bottle to protect the privacy of participants and the medication was separated by type.

“We spent about six weeks getting prepared for this event,” said Aleo. “We contacted all of the local papers and put signs up throughout the community to get the word out.”

Pharmacist Pat Bridson was present to separate the medication.

“The whole idea of this event is to get the medication off the streets, so they aren’t disposed of in a dangerous way,” said Bridson, who has volunteered at six different medication collection events. “We have the ability to get rid of the medication in a safer way and ensure that they don’t fall into the wrong hands or end up in our water system.”

All of the medication was separated and placed into different boxes. Photo by Colby Berthume

All of the medication that was collected was transported to Clinton County where it’s collected in bulk. It is then taken to an incinerator on the west side of the state.

“I was a little skeptical at how well of a turn out there would be for such a small community,” said Bridson. “I was really impressed though, and it was great to see such a good turn out.”

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