Rebuilding biggest and oldest dormitory

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By Ashley Banks
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

The Brody Complex is making major changes to its halls at MSU. The Brody Complex is MSU’s oldest and largest dormitory  and was built in 1954. So far Emmons Hall is the first of the facilities to be renovated. The renovations are all part of the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services’ strategic master plan which was developed in 2008. The Clark construction crew began last may starting with Emmons, which will be done in June, and is expected to begin work this May on Bailey and Rather Halls.

“The residence halls are receiving student room paint, windows, furniture and flooring as well as hallway refinishing  and lighting, study areas and significant plumbing and mechanical upgrades,” said Anthony Frewen.

Brody’s  six student housing buildings served as the primary dormitories on campus at one point. Each building has four floors where the entire building is being rebuilt. The renovations started with an idea that the buildings needed renovations in order to keep the students. Once the MSU Board of Trustees approved, the project was conceived.

“All of the six residence halls in Brody Complex, as well as the main Brody building are scheduled for renovations over the next six years. The upper floor Brody Hall began construction in Summer of 2009 and re-opened as the Brody Square dining complex this past fall,” said Frewen.

As of now, there are no classes being held in Brody, so the main responsibility was to empty the first floor of Brody to start renovations. Currently students are not living in these halls while under construction. Students had to sign up for housing and move throughout campus based on availability.

“Construction for the entire complex will be done around 2017,”said Housing Manager Timothy Knight.

This is true only if construction is being done one building at a time.

“When construction first began, it was estimated to work on one building at a time, and it would take one year to complete one building,” said Project Manager, Robert McCurdy.

To speed the process up, construction will rebuild two buildings at a time completing the entire complex in June 2013. The first two buildings to be done are Bailey and Rather, the next two buildings are Armstrong and Bryan, and Butterfield will be the last building for renovations.

Bryan Hall

An aerial view of Brody Complex






With the renovations, offices and stores have been moved to different areas in Brody. Sparty’s convenience store has been moved from its original spot. The University Housing office has been moved to the first floor of Butterfield. The RHA office has been moved to the music room in Rather.


One thought on “Rebuilding biggest and oldest dormitory

  1. Brody is definitely not the oldest residence hall complex. The oldest still-functioning dorm is Mary Mayo Hall, part of West Circle, built in 1931. All of the West Circle dorms, as well as Mason-Abbot and Snyder-Phillips, are older than Brody.