Capitol sit-in results in 14 arrests

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Michigan Capitol building

Photo by Kate Mudgett

By Kate Mudgett
Lansing Star staff writer

Hours after the union-sponsored rally at the state Capitol on Wednesday, 14 people were arrested during a sit-in.

More than two hours after the Capitol building closed at 5:30 p.m., five young men inside were arrested after staging a sit-in in the Capitol rotunda. They had been joined by many others who left voluntarily when ordered to leave by state police.

Outside, a few protesters reported being hit with pepper spray as they attempted to rush inside or film the events.

After the initial arrests inside, several more where arrested outside when their attempt to blockade the police from leaving resulted in a scuffle. Charges range from trespassing to resisting arrest involving injury to an officer to minor assault. One state police officer received minor injuries during the event.

Those arrested are not affiliated with any union groups, whom had sponsored protests early in the day.

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