University closes; storm doesn't live up to forecast

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By Mariah Montenegro
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

Predictions were made for the storm of the year to strike East Lansing during the early evening of Feb. 1.

Businesses closed early, workers called into work looking for substitutes, and the students at Michigan State University got unexpected news: classes would be suspended for Wednesday, Feb. 2.

Did the storm live up to the forecasts?

“The snow day wasn’t really necessary,” said human biology senior Steven Delaney “The conditions weren’t as bad as they made it out to be. The amount of accumulation was accurate, but it doesn’t seem like the conditions are terrible. I expected much worse.”

Winter weather advisories flashed across television screens, online and in newspapers. Guidelines were made available to the community of East Lansing in case of emergencies.

Tracking the storm, the university felt it was in the best interest of its students that classes be suspended, a surprise for a majority of students.

“I never saw it coming. I would have thought the storm would have to be much worse for the university to close,” said junior Courtney Reed.

Students were shocked this was the storm causing the campus to have its first closing since 1975. Students Aubrey Cornish and Kyra Kalageorgi agreed we’ve definitely had worse snowstorms in Michigan.

A day off in the middle of the week was just what some students needed. “It was just a nice break and it gives me a chance to have an extra day to catch up on some school work and studying,” said Delaney.

Students’ time to catch up on rest will be short lived as the university is scheduled to reopen for classes on Thursday, Feb. 3.

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