University still in session as snow keeps coming down

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By Teresa Gebhardt
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

Feb. 20th the snow started falling in East Lansing around 4 PM, and it has not stopped. Anxious students waited for that email they all received on February 2 2011 that read

“Michigan State University is suspending classes Wednesday, Feb. 2, for students at its East Lansing campus because of the blizzard conditions. For ALL MSU students, there is a change to extend the “End of Tuition Refund Period” by one day”. Yet mostly all classes were in session as students and professors dug out their cars and slipped into their snow boots.

When students received that email or notification that their class is canceled the liquor sales in East Lansing go up. “When they [MSU students] knew they didn’t have school the next day we [Quality Dairy] were very busy…it was like another Friday night for us” said Jenny Coach, an employee at Quality Dairy, located on Harrison and Trowbridge road. Do many people come in to buy liquor during the rough winter blues? “only when MSU gives them an advance warning that they are not going to have school the next morning” said Coach.

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“More snow fell this time around than on the snow day we had two weeks ago! It doesn’t make any sense” said Julianna Schick a junior at Michigan State University. The university canceled classes on February 2 , and that was only the fourth time MSU has completely shut down the entire university due to a snow day.


The last snow day was 17 years ago in 1994, so one can imagine the excitement and energy that followed the responses to that email. Yet on this snow filled day of February 21st, classes were not canceled and students continued to shovel their sidewalks in fear of receiving those city fines.

“I don’t understand it was 57 degrees the other day and now I have to wake up an hour early just to clean off my car and make it to class on time” said Kinga Krisztian also a junior at Michigan State University.

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  1. I really like your graphics. The visuals of the snow really give a god idea of how much snow there was. Perhaps a graphic or screen shot of the email canceling class would have bee beneficial, I really like the qd salesperson as a source, that was a good idea!