Tim City

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Timothy City is a Detroit, MI native and Michigan State University senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism.
Growing up, people who have known Tim have always known that he has been destined for the camera. He began his unofficial career as a journalist early during his middle and high school years. Being “slim built”, he has been quoted as saying,

“I always had to have a come back for people who used to talk about me, and eventually people just start loving my personality!” In Tim’s senior year of high school, not only was he crowned Prom King, Tim took home the title of “Class Clown”. From that point on, Tim realized that he wanted to make a career in not only telling the news, but telling it in a nontraditional way to keep people’s attention.

You can expect Tim’s news stories to always make you feel like you’re involved directly with the story; that’s solely because he doesn’t shoot any story that he isn’t personally interested in himself. His philosophy is, “If I’m not interested in the story I’m telling, who’s going to be interested in hearing it?”

Tim City prides himself on his family due to the fact they are the main reason for him pursuing a career in Journalism. As a child, Tim grew up in a single parent household and survived on low-income. That being said, he was always known to bring comic relief to his family during times of depression. His family would often record him during outings and show the recording to friends who all encouraged Tim to pursue a career in journalism.

Since being accepted into Michigan State University, Timothy City can be found hosting almost every major African American program and event on campus, such as MSU Urban Dreams’ Grammy Awards, “Fake-Da Funk”, The Advantage, and a number of comedy shows. Today, you can see Tim City in Michigan State University’s first love-reality show called “Key to the City”, which he created and produces.

When Tim is not in front of the camera, you can see him being involved on campus helping students and “Achieving in Every Field of Human Endeavor” with his Fraternity brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi.

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