The Mega Mall provides an outlet for “hidden” treasure

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By Colby Berthume
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

Imagine walking into the biggest garage sale you have ever seen -40,000 square foot big- and think of all the hidden treasures you could discover.

The Mega Mall, at 15487 Old 27, Lansing, is Mid-Michigan’s largest antique and collectible mall. The endless row of merchandise allows customers to walk aimlessly through, trying to scrape up any hidden treasure they might find necessary.

“I’ve been here since 2001, and the range of stuff that comes through here is just amazing,” Assistant Manager Larry Smith said. “We’ve sold some of the most wonderful vintage clothing, beautiful chandeliers and even some mint condition Tiffany Lamps.”

Smith works behind the cash register as a customer makes a purchase. Photo by Colby Berthume

There are more than 280 independent vendors packed into the building, with a variety of styles and items. Each vendor must sign a three-month lease commitment, and is then given a $30 discount off the rent each time they work the floor as a greeter.

“It’s really an enjoyment to see what is brought in to sell,” Smith said. “Since everyone is their own independent vendor, it is up to them to bring in what they want to sell. They get their items from garage sales, other vendors and auctions. With 280 different vendors, it’s like getting 280 different styles brought into one store.”

The store, which is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., provides a place for anyone who is looking to acquire an item at a discount price.

A display of samurai swords on display at The Mega Mall. One of many collections the different vendors have. Photo by Colby Berthume

“It’s awesome,” Michigan State Junior Max Suri said. “I always come here just to look around, and I usually end up leaving with something. Whether it be an old CD or a sports memorabilia for my room, I can always find something for a good price.”
Each item that is for sale at The Mega Mall is given a label according to the vendor who is selling it. At the checkout, the label is recorded and a portion of the sales goes to the original vendor.
“While there is a lot of different vendors,” Smith said. “But we all work together. We are all interested in the same goal –sales- and we try to work together to help each other out.”
For more information visit The Mega Mall website or its Facebook page.

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