The biggest football game of the year

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By Danielle Turcotte
Meridian Times staff writer

Say “cheese!”

The Super Bowl is much more than just a football game. It is the ultimate event—a night full of rivalry, get-togethers, munchies, commercials and this year The Black Eyed Peas.

"Cowboys Stadium"

Taken by Kirby Lee/US Presswire

It is a time where the NFL crowns the new champions, culminating in tears, victory dances and a lot of confetti.

Despite Super Bowl XLV being played in the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the spectacle is enjoyed all over the United States, even right here in Meridian Township.

Some Okemos residents headed over to Buddies Pub & Grill for their annual Super Bowl Sunday buffet. Employee Kelly Jones said that the football game typically brings in a good amount of business, especially if the snow or typical frigid Michigan weather does not interfere with game night.

Yet, others had different plans. Alex Frankfort, Okemos High School graduate and Michigan State University sophomore, watched the game at the Sigma Chi fraternity house. He and the rest of his brothers had a small gathering where they watched the game on a projector in the basement. When asked what he was looking forward to the most, Frankfort said,

Twitter Updates regarding the Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial – Imported from Detroit

“Usually the football, but I didn’t really care for either team this year, so I guess I’d say the commercials.”

A commercial that made a huge hit was one about Chrysler featuring Eminem and places that a Detroit native should recognize. Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites were blowing up due to excitement from the hit commercial.
The Horwoods, an Okemos family, was hoping for a Green Bay Packers victory.

“Extended family are Packers fans—‘Yoopers’,” Kristen Horwood explained. “God forbid, if I actually knew anything about the Packers.”

Alex Ford, a sophomore hospitality business major at Michigan State University, does know a thing or two about the Green Bay Packers. When asked whom she wanted to win Super Bowl XLV, she responded, “Is that a real question?” while laughing hysterically.

Ford was born a Packers fan. Her parents raised her that green and yellow were the best colors. Her whole family hopes every year their team makes it to the Super Bowl.

Erica Nowicki disagrees with Ford. The Pittsburgh Steelers is Nowicki’s favorite NFL team. She grew up in Ohio where in her eyes there was no decent NFL team to cheer for.

“My sister and I have always been Steelers fans,” Nowicki said. “We follow their season and naturally wanted them to win their second Super Bowl title in the last three years.”

Green Bay reclaimed the Vince Lombardi Trophy beating the Pittsburg Steelers 31-25. Now both players and fans are upset with tear filled eyes due to the conclusion of the football season. “I am definitely upset the season is over, but I can cheer that the Packers are Super Bowl champions until about August,” Ford exclaimed while doing a celebratory dance. Football fans including Ford will be yearning for the preseason to begin in late August.

Watch the Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial – Imported from Detroit below


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