Sudden snowstorm buries Holt

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Holt residents pitch in to dislodge an SUV from a snow bank. Photo credit: Drew Dzwonkowski

By Drew Dzwonkowski
Holt Journal staff writer

Eight inches of snow fell between noon and 8 p.m. on Sunday, Feb, 20, covering Holt in a wet, icy mix that made for dangerous roads.

“I’ve had three accidents in this parking lot today,”

said Steve Brower, of Brower Foods and Hardware on Aurelius.

A Winter Storm Warning had been issued for Ingham County, and remained in effect until 7 a.m. on Monday.

Holt residents were surprised at how much snow fell, and how quickly.

Barner scrapes her car before leaving work. Photo credit: Drew Dzwonkowski

“I looked on my phone for the radar and it didn’t look like there was anything coming,” said Jessica Barner, an employee at the Rite Aid on Cedar St. “I’ve been at work all day, but it’s pretty nasty out. I don’t live that far away, I think I’ll make it home.”

“There was no snow this morning when I got here at eleven,” said Brower. “Now there’s, what, five inches?”

The storm fell in temperatures of around 30 degrees, creating a wet mix that made driving nearly impossible. Traffic on U.S. 127 slowed to 35 mph, and multiple cars had slid off the road. The snowfall obscured visibility outside of 50 yards.

Temperatures last week reached springtime levels, making Sunday’s storm feel unexpected.

“I’m not a meteorlogist, so I don’t know,” said Holt resident Todd Tennis. “It’s February in Michigan.”

Tennis described the snow as "heavy and unwelcome." Photo credit: Drew Dzwonkowski

Holt residents talked about how the sudden snowfall affected their plans.

“I was suposed to go visit my folks today,” said Tennis while shoveling his driveway. “I had to cancel that. It’s heavy snow, and it’s unwelcome.”

Brower noted that he saw no dip in customers despite the storm.

“People still brave the storm to get their booze!” said Brower.

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