Snowstorm closes schools and covers roads

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Snow-covered road in Ingham County

Snowstorm covers roads in Ingham County

By Kelly Reeves
Meridian Times staff writer

The snowstorm, also being called “Snowtorious B.I.G” and “Snowpocolypse” has left nearly a 10-inch blanket of snow covering Meridian Township and surrounding areas, closing schools and causing police to urge residents to take precautions. Michigan State University was among those school closings, leaving students ecstatic, but also wanting and expecting more snow.

Sophomore Chelsea Danielak smiled when asked about the weather and said, “I’m ready for more snow!”

Meridian Township would be ready for it, as the Meridian Township Police and Ingham County Road Commission have been coordinating to make sure they clear the roads precisely and in a timely manner. Lt. Greg Frenger said the roads the township is responsible for are fairly clear. However, he advised that residents go out only if they must, and to drive cautiously if they do. “I am not sure if the highways are clear, but generally they would be by now. However, if you get stranded in the snow, you would want your car to have a full tank of gas, stay with your vehicle and out of the way of other drivers. We recommend that stranded drivers stay inside their vehicle for safety, and keep the vehicle running,” said Frenger.

MSU students love their historic snow day

So far however, it seems as if students will not be driving in the snow, but rather, playing in it. Sophomore Paige Partenio said she thought there would be more snow, but says she still plans on enjoying the snow all day. “The weather isn’t as bad as I expected it would be and I’m kind of sad because it’s not packing snow yet … but this is only Michigan State’s third time closing because of the weather and I’ll celebrate to that!” said Partenio.

With all the talk about how bad the snowstorm was going to be, senior Kyle Pruner did not think it lived up to the hype. “I thought it was going to hit harder overnight and, when I woke up, I was a little disappointed. It’s still awesome that the university closed down, but they pretty much closed school for no reason and it’s going to be a long time until they cancel it again,” said Pruner.

Although the storm did not hit as hard as expected, Meridian Township Police as well as the Fire Department  arranged for emergency crews to be escorted during the storm.

Frenger said that it may take a few days until all roads, sidewalks and secondary streets are clear, so drivers should stay cautious

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