Second snowstorm causes more accidents

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By Alyssa Firth
Meridian Times staff writer


Snowmageddon has hit Michigan once again this month. Sunday’s storm brought three to 11 inches of snow with approximately half an inch of ice to the area, making roads even more dangerous than the Feb. 2nd storm.

Okemos received between three and eleven inches in one night, causing 14 accidents in one weekend.

“We had 14 accidents starting from yesterday afternoon up until 7 o’clock this morning,” Chief David Hall said.

With no accidents reported in Meridian from the highly publicized storm three weeks ago, drivers throughout the state were surprised with the amount of snow that fell Sunday afternoon and through the night.

“I tried to drive back (to Okemos) last night from Holly,” hospitality business junior Brittany Friddell said, “but I realized how terrifying that was and stayed at a friend’s house in Fenton.”

Friddell is a student at MSU who lives in Okemos at Meridian Meadows apartment complex off of Grand River near Cornell Road. Getting to class is always a challenge according to Friddell, but especially in serious weather conditions.

“I’ll honestly email my teachers and tell them I’m not going just because I don’t feel comfortable driving,” Friddell said.

Publicity before the last storm caused many businesses to close and people to stay home, but this Sunday’s storm started around 4 p.m. Hall said he thinks the time of day might have had something to do with the amount of accidents.

Average temperatures for Okemos for this time of year.

Average temperatures for this time of year in Okemos

“It seemed as though we got a lot of snow this time around. This (snow) fell almost straight down. The accumulation on the road seemed quite impressive this time,” Hall said.

Friddell, who often parks at Meridian Mall during the day and takes the bus the rest of the way to campus, said she is nervous no matter what since she’s been in two accidents in 2010, one from icy conditions.

“I’m nervous driving to the mall and then I’m trusting someone to drive a gigantic bus the rest of the way. I know they’re professional, but what makes them professional at driving?” Friddell asked.

According to Hall, there was a layer of snow, then a small layer of ice and then snow again. It may have had an impact on the number of accidents, but Hall said it had to do more with traffic.

“If (residents) can avoid having to go out, they should stay at home. Drive slow and drive defensively,” Halls said.

More snow is expected for Meridian this week and the coming weeks, with temperatures hovering around the thirties according to the National Weather Service. For information and up to date weather, visit Fox 47, WILX and WLNS news stations.

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