Recent Events in Egypt Spark Discussion

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The recent events in Egypt have sparked dialogue between professors and students here at Michigan State.

Students filled the International Center in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the events which led to Hosni Mubarak relinquishing his powers as president of Egypt.

“You’ve been keeping up with the news because it seems to finally dominate […] and you realize how transformative this process is in the Middle East.” said Visiting Professor, Saeed Khan during the discussion.

Khan talked about what Egypt must do in order to get back on track, and move toward democracy.

““I think that the process right now is going to be, once the euphoria wears out, looking and asking those very hard questions, as to, not necessarily what they want but what sequence of steps they need to take in order to get there.” Khan said.

Ameer Nahel, who is an international relations junior, said that Mubarak has been president since before she was born.

““Mubarak stepping down is a huge step, and he’s all I know; ever since I was born.” Nahel said.

Now, Nahel see’s these recent events as an opportunity for her to be involved in her country, in ways that she had never thought possible.

“I never thought in a thousand years that I would ever be able to participate in the political process in Egypt, but now I can, now there’s some hope for me to go back and really make a difference and really mobilize for change there.” Nahel said.

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