Delhi Township receives environmental grant

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By Kritika Bharadwaj
Holt Journal staff writer

“The people in the community have helped us pass our millages and we’re really thankful for that” Delhi Township Fire Chief Rick Royston said. While the Fire Department received a grant of $87,000, it is not the only sector in the township benefiting from residents’ support.

As part of the 2009 America Recovery & Reinvestment Act, or ARRA, “money from the Federal government is passed on to the state and now we get those funds” Delhi Charter Township, Director of Accounting, Marian Frane said.

So, how does one apply for a grant and be eligible to receive it?

“The township hired a company called C2ae to put a together a grant application. There’s two things – from a financial aspect, the grant allows reimbursement for expenditure we have. From my end, I fill out Excel sheets, invoices, send it to the state and hopefully get reimbursed for it” Frane adds.

The grant also known as Energy Efficiency and Multi-Purpose Block Grant (EECBG) has provided the township $112,847 in funds. The grant specifically has helped funding for three things,” Delhi Township Maintenance/Safety Division Secretary, Eva Walacavaje replied. “There’s TEA, our T-tech audit, analysis. We’ve also been able to update our Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, or HVAC controls which are cost-savings. The old controls didn’t allow us to have setbacks (to be able to turn off heating and air conditioning when office is closed). We wanted to do it for quite a while but we had no funds. The third thing is replacing the parking lot lighting with L.E.D lighting because it’s cheaper functioning” she adds.

Though there seem to be a lot of projects on their way to completion, the grant approval wasn’t easy. Frane explained the miserable state of the economy. “Last year, we only had two millages pass. If in the next three to four years, we can come back to having more expenditure than revenue, we can re-evaluate our next step” she said.

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