Mason Residents Fight Crime to Keep their Neighborhoods Safe

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Jennifer Bis
Mason Times staff writer

The city of Mason has experienced less crime in the last two decades thanks to the Neighborhood Watch program, according to the Mason Police Department.

“By teaching the community basic safety guidelines, residential areas are more protected from crime,” said Officer Steven Chick of the department. “We encourage people to be proactive and watch out for their neighbors.”

Neighborhood Watch was developed by Officer Kris Service and Chick after a sudden increase of residential burglaries occurred in the 1990s.

“We have seen a lot less crime in the neighborhoods who have been involved in Neighborhood Watch the longest,” said Chick. “It was important to create awareness in an area experiencing growth like Mason has.”

Mason has developed tremendously in business and population in the recent years, and the department has encouraged a proactive stance on fighting crime to keep up with the challenge of rapid growth.

As of 2009, the department had already formed as many as 11 partnerships with residents all over Mason to ensure safety of the community.

The department rallies residents who express interest in assisting the community and its program.

Each Watch group receives training in home security, crime prevention, and reporting.

The officers issue flyers regarding the program, and hold an initial meeting which outlines the goals of their safety plans for the group of supporters.

A block captain oversees the group, ensuring the program works out and really makes a difference for the community.

“I don’t really think Mason has a major problem with crime,” said Tom O’Brien, 20, who was born and raised in downtown Mason.

Perhaps Neighborhood Watch is fulfilling its purpose.

If you would like to become a part of a watch group, or have any questions regarding the program, the Mason Police Department encourages you to contact them at 517-676-2458.

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  1. Good job outlining the growth of the program that paralleled that of the community. Some pictures would have been nice though.