Mason holds the oldest gun and knife show in Michigan

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By Chloe Hill
Mason Times staff reporter

The Michigan Gun and Knife Show was held at the Ingham County Fairgrounds.

For approximately 30 years, the Lansing/Mason Gun and Knife Show has brought new thrills and information to hunters, gun enthusiasts and target shooters, experienced or beginner.

Doug and Sally Carl, owners of Total Firearms and Sport Show Promotions, have shared their passions by setting up the Michigan Gun & Knife Show. The show started in Lansing, and is now the oldest and largest gun and knife show in Michigan. They will hold around 47 shows a year with vendors from all over Michigan.

According to Doug Carl “about 30 percent of all the vendors will be at every show, but there are new ones that come each time.”

The show this past weekend was held at the Ingham County Fairgrounds in Mason and had 500 tables set up in the main arena. “People come in to buy, sell and trade firearms and knives,” said Doug.

While Doug Carl talked to people about the Total Firearms business at his booth, Sally Carl was at the front working with ticket sales. Most shows take place on Saturday and Sunday, but some, like the Lansing/Mason show, also include a show on Friday.

“We tend to have more people come on Saturday. Today, we might have anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 people come in,” said Sally Carl. It depends on the time of year, but deer hunting season is when the shows are more crowded. According to Sally Carl “That’s when people are out more and more interested. In the fall and summer, it tends to die down.”

Security stood outside the arena to stop all illegal sales in the parking lot.

Upon entering the show, everyone is asked if they are carrying a gun. Each gun must be unloaded, inoperable and must be carried by a person with a CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) license. The guns will be tagged and that person can then buy a ticket and enter the show.

Many people who came out last Saturday said they would come back again. Charles Rowe said, “I come out to this show every time it is in Mason to look for parts and pistol shells for my gun.”

Find show dates and information for the Michigan Gun and Knife Shows online.

One thought on “Mason holds the oldest gun and knife show in Michigan

  1. Solid story. I like how you emphasized the size and hype surrounding the event. Some visuals of the actual show would have been nice and possibly a vendor interview but other than that it was good.