Lou & Harry's Bar and Grill moves farther from campus

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Lou Has new sign at its Chandler location

By Teresa Gebhardt
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

A popular place to wash games and the pre-game shows has moved to Chandler Road. Lou & Harry’s Bar and Grill, also known as Lou Has, has relocated from its location on M.A.C. and Albert near campus to 16800 Chandler Road out near Chandler Crossings.

“Definitely, the atmosphere and prices were good enough to keep me as a customer” said Danielle Liparoto, a senior at Michigan State University who has gotten the full experience of Lou Has during her time in East Lansing.  The bar still has the some of the best deals in town: free tacos on Fridays and free pizza on Saturdays if you buy drinks.

The new location is bigger and has two bars! Will this be enough to keep the active fan base?

Survey results MSU Students on the new location

The main factor most people are concerned about is the distance and getting home safely. Kinga Krisztian said, “I probably won’t go anymore, no drinking and driving for me.”

MSU junior Karl Parker said, “I mean, probably not unless they had some sweet deal or something. If I could get a ride and they had a good deal then yes otherwise probably not unless for a bar crawl.”

Although Lou Has is for an older crowd and doesn’t admit anyone after 5 p.m. who is not 21, it might actually succeed in Chandler Crossings.
“I believe so, it has a more mature atmosphere out there but most students live around Grand River Avenue and having their new location be out on Chandler Road seems it would only cater to those who live out in Chandlers.” said Rachael Szczepanski, a junior at MSU.
The Lou Has Facebook page has 113 friends and 1,787 people who “like” Lou & Harry’s Bar and Grill. The grand opening is supposed to happen early this year.
Survey results reflect MSU students’ opinions on the new location

3 thoughts on “Lou & Harry's Bar and Grill moves farther from campus

  1. Great job comparing the two locations and getting student feedback. Good photo as well.

  2. Overall, your story is good. This is a picky thing – I like that you mentioned Lou & Harry’s often is called Lou Has, but I think after that I would still refer to it by its official name. It sounds more professional.