Holt Lions Club holds spaghetti dinner fundraiser

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Lions Club member Warren Maki prepares the spaghetti sauce. Photo by Alex Mitchell

By Alex Mitchell
Holt Journal staff writer

The Holt Lions Club held its annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser Friday at the Holt United Methodist Church.

The dinner, which took place from 4:30-7 p.m., cost $7 for adults and $3 for children 4 to 12. The menu consisted of spaghetti with meat or meatless sauce, salad, toast, dessert and drinks.

Club member Warren Maki said that the money goes toward a variety of club events such as the Lions’ work to improve sight and the White Cane Awareness Projects. The club uses the White Cane projects to advocate public safety devices for the visually impaired and deaf.

Maki said that the dinner also helps support the Holt community.

“Not only is (the dinner) affiliated with Lions, but also local events,” said Maki. “We do things for the fire department, the library, senior citizens and things of that order.”

Maki said one of the biggest challenges to preparing a spaghetti dinner for a large amount of people is trying to have enough pasta ready at all times.

Lions Club member and Delhi Township Manager John Elsinga cuts garlic bread for the dinner. Photo by Alex Mitchell

“It takes a long time to turn out a small amount of pasta,” said Maki.  “What we do is we precook, and then all we have to do is blanch it real fast.  In about three minutes you got another set of pasta.”

Steve Delaney, president of the Holt Lions, said that the club members who help put together this event and prepare the food every year are the reason the event goes so well.

“We have about 40 members and about 25 core members help us with this project,” said Delaney.  “It’s been going for quite a few years and everybody knows their job.  It makes it so much easier.”

Delaney said that having the same members help each year prevents the dinner from ever having a drop-off.

Club member John Hayhoe said that one of the biggest reasons the event succeeds is because the Holt United Methodist Church donates its facilities to the club for the evening.

Club member Glen Etelamaki sets out desserts. Photo by Alex Mitchell

“Some of our members are members of the church here, so they have been nice by letting us hold our event here,” said Hayhoe.

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