ELPD warrant arrest initiative speeds process

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By Ashley C. Banks
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

The East Lansing Police Department has recently started the Warrant Arrest Initiative. This program is information received from the courts by the police station. The courts handle every crime committed by people in the East Lansing area. “Court reports all the outstanding crimes and warrants. It gives the individual’s name, address, fine etc.,” said Lt. Kevin Daley. The initiative started a year ago and has been growing rapidly. A total of 237 people were arrested or turned themselves in for outstanding charges in 2010 as a result of the East Lansing Police Department Initiative.

“The program was started by one of their sergeants. The initiative is where every week a list of new warrants are issued, and officers actively look for persons wanted”, said active chief Julie Liebler. The list of wanted persons are on kept on file stored in a file cabinet. There has been an update of 119 total persons on the list who have either turned themselves in with contact, or arrested without contact. The warrant list also has 48 warrants and 38 arrests.

Warrants come from unpaid traffic tickets to assault and criminal sexual conduct. The East Lansing Police Department tries their best to track down and arrest wanted individuals. Every two weeks, the East Lansing police receives a new list of warrants from the East Lansing 54-B District Court. “Warrants mostly involve students, and then move to other areas,” Daley stated. East Lansing Police Department often collaborates with other police jurisdictions for individuals who live in other cities on this initiative. “ The East Lansing Police Department collaborates with the Ingham County Sheriff’s Department, Lansing, Meridian Township and MSU Police” Daley said.

The warrant list has “42 warrants, 39 attempts, where 14 were arrested with a 33% success rate and 20 total warrants taken care of,” said Daley. “According to my warrant list in 2010, there were 764 people on the list, 820 attempts, 237 people arrested or turned themselves in after contact with a 31% success rate and 305 total warrants were taken care of” said Sgt. Scott Wriggelsworth. “An average of 15-20% has turned themselves in without contact,” Daley said. East Lansing police is doing their best to track down people with outstanding warrants, criminal charges and unpaid citations.

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  1. Newsworthy topic and a lot of good information. Keep commas inside quotation marks, and be careful, Liebler was the interim police chief when this was written. In the third paragraph, “tries their best” sounds editorial, make sure to attribute the information to someone. This also applies to the last sentence. Make sure quotes are in new paragraphs to stand out. Make sure to keep quotes short and paraphrase when possible, it’s usually better to state statistics in a sentence rather than a quote, as you did in the beginning of the fourth paragraph. Also, since the program started a year ago, you might want to revise your lede to focus on a different, more newsworthy aspect of the story. I think the information about the number of people arrested and the percent that turn themselves through the program is more important than how it started, so move that higher in your story. Remember to punctuate quotes as well.

    Otherwise, great job!