East Lansing hit with another snowstorm

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By Alethia Kasben
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

East Lansing was hit with 6 inches of snow after a week of spring-like weather on Sunday night and into Monday morning.

Grand River Avenue, still not in perfect condition early afternoon, Monday.

The roads were in very dangerous conditions and the East Lansing Police Department had to deal with 19 accidents before 8 p.m.

The ELPD said it would be focusing on clearing up accidents for the majority of Monday and since schools and businesses are closed for President’s Day, the roads should stay relatively clear.

Capital Area Transportation Authority, or CATA, the bus system that transports both students and residents, will not be staying off the roads Monday. The bus service will still be running all of its routes. Although there will be some detours, according to its website.

Students are still expected to attend classes at Michigan State University, and some believe this storm does not differ so much from the blizzard that struck East Lansing on Feb. 2 and caused classes to be suspended.

“The snow seems just as high, and there is even more ice,” said Kabpa Xiong, a sociology sophomore. “The cars in the driveway are buried just like they were when classes were canceled, I don’t understand why the university didn’t cancel classes again.”

Some students understand that the university cannot afford to suspend classes for another day, when they have only done it a few times in history, the last one being Feb. 2, and before that, in 1994.

“I know that classes won’t be suspended because of the storm like a few weeks ago,” said Joe Arbow, a finance sophomore. “But schools like Central (Michigan University) had a delay until noon so there would be time for roads to get cleared. Especially in East Lansing, a lot of people commute, and a lot of people take the bus. I think that would have been helpful.”

Luckily, East Lansing public schools are already closed today, and many businesses are as well, thanks to President’s Day. So the school district did not have to call a snow day.

At MSU, come classes still were canceled. History professor Ronen Steinberg, canceled his Monday morning class because he was delayed in Chicago.

East Lansing suffers through another snow storm, Monday, Feb. 21.

Steinberg said it simply couldn’t be helped and he was very sorry to his students that he couldn’t hold class.

Light snow showers should be expected throughout Monday night and into Tuesday morning according to weather.com.
Michigan residents have had a rude awakening: winter is not over, yet.

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  1. This is a really important, timely story, so good choice. I would get rid of the final graf, because you don’t need it and it seems editorialized.

  2. Very informative story, all the key information was present upfront and it was well sequenced. Some of the information lacks attribution, however. I would have liked to have seen a comment from the ELPD and someone from the physical plant, they’re both reasonably accessible and generally nice to the media. Besides that really well written story! Next time just don’t be afraid to go after those important sources.