DeWitt Department of Public Services help residents enjoy snowfall

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By Kelsie Thompson
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

With a little help from the city of DeWitt Department of Public Services, residents were able to survive the snowstorm and enjoy the great outdoors.

By planning ahead, the department of public services was able to effectively and efficiently clear and salt the roads after DeWitt was hit with nearly 12 inches of snow Tuesday night, Feb. 2.

City of DeWitt Department of Public Services, 917 W. Main St., DeWitt, Mich.

Altogether, there are four plow operators within the city of DeWitt, which Miller said is about 22 square miles, driving three snowplows and one pick up truck with an attached plow.

“We have more operators per square mile than any other municipality in the area,” said Rich Miller, City of DeWitt public service supervisor.

Miller said that the department staggered shifts so that the workers could cover the entire length of the storm without being tired or overworked.

“I think they did a really good job,” said DeWitt resident Faith Clifford. “The roads were cleared early. I was really impressed.”

While city employees worked hard to plow the roads and make for safe driving conditions, many residents had the day off to enjoy the fresh powder.

DeWitt area public schools, with some local businesses, were closed Wednesday and Thursday.

Faith Clifford pushes daughter Ashley DuMont, 10, down a hill on her sled behind Scott Elementary School in DeWitt.

“Snow days are so much fun,” said Ashley DuMont, Clifford’s daughter, as she jumped on her sled outside of Scott Elementary School on Thursday, Feb. 3. “I’m hoping that we have a third one.”

Local resident Dan Sheaffer also brought his daughter, Grace, sledding Thursday afternoon since he spent most of the previous day shoveling. They joined more than 20 other adventurous sledders behind the DeWitt Junior High School.

“I don’t think I’ve seen this much snow since I moved here over 10 years ago,” Sheaffer said.

The Cooley Law School professor said that even though he is 45 years old, he still enjoys snow days just as much as he did when he was a kid.

“We’re just trying to have fun and enjoy the snow while we can,” Sheaffer said.

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