Delhi Recovers from Snowstorm as Students Enjoy Time Off

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By Alex Mitchell
Holt Journal staff writer

Icicles hang from a Delhi home. Photo by Alex Mitchell

Delhi residents spent much of the past two days cleaning up from the snowstorm that hit Tuesday night and carried into Wednesday morning.

The storm left almost a foot of snow that caused area schools to close Wednesday and Thursday.

High school students Kurtis Young and his brother, Kelvin, said they could not believe school was closed two days in a row.

Kathy Young (left) shovels snow with her sons Kelvin (center) and Kurtis.
Photo by Alex Mitchell

“My friends weren’t surprised, but I definitely was,” said Kurtis.  “I wasn’t sure the storm was as big as people thought it would be, but it got us off school.”

Kathy Young, the boys’ mom, said that the three were shoveling snow for a neighbor to try and help out on the day off.

Kelvin said that he did not mind having to clean up the snow as long as he got to miss school.

When asked if they predicted a third straight day off school for Friday, the brothers said that they had little hope for that.

Todd Gibbs, a Mason resident who commutes to Delhi, said that he did not feel that the storm lived up to all the hype.

“We got 10 to 12 inches of snow and the winds blew it over night, but it wasn’t anything like they predicted,” said Gibbs.

Several side roads like Sycamore Street still were snow covered Thursday morning. Photo by Alex Mitchell

Gibbs said that what surprised him was how poor the road conditions still were on Thursday morning.

“My first impression when I heard that all the schools were closed was that it was maybe not needed, but once I got out on the roads I can see why they closed because even though some of them are cleared, some of them are still quite icy,” said Gibbs.  “My wife even got into a minor accident this morning when someone slid into her turning off a county highway, it’s bad out there.”

Road conditions appeared to be improving toward midday on Thursday as township employees worked to clear what remaining snow there was on the roads.

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