Bill to ban medical marijuana bars

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By Britteny Dee
Lansing Star staff writer

Last month, Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, introduced a bill to ban medical marijuana bars.

Jones defined a medical marijuana bar as a dispensary that allows consumption on its premises. He said his reasoning is that allowing patients to use marijuana at a bar and then drive is dangerous.

According to the bill, a person violating this law would be guilty of a misdemeanor, charged a fine of no more than $500, or both.

The bill is controversial. Several medical marijuana dispensaries in the Lansing area have refused to comment on the subject, stating that they are not taking questions regarding the bill at this time.

Todd Holforty of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Club was willing to talk about the bill and said he disapproves.

“I think the bill is wrong and inappropriate, simply because where people medicate shouldn’t be important to anyone else,” Holforty said. “The bill is simply going to inhibit people from being able to medicate where they need to. It’s very important that it does not pass, for the rights of all patients.”

Holforty said he agrees with Jones reasoning, but thinks the bill is unnecessary.

“I would not advocate anyone medicating and driving, of course,” Holforty said. “For anyone medicating at a club or bar, I would certainly want them to wait a couple hours or something before they drive.”

Holforty argued that since people are allowed to drive home from a bar serving alcohol after drinking, as long as they are not over the legal limit, people should also be able to drive home from a medical marijuana bar after using, as long as they are responsible.

“As in alcohol, there’s a sliding scale to where somebody is very intoxicated or where somebody is likely intoxicated, and likely intoxicated people are allowed to drive,” Holforty said.

Although he says it is crucial for the bill not to pass, he doesn’t think it will be that influential within the community if it does.

“I really don’t think it’s going to affect much because most dispensaries currently don’t allow people to medicate there anyway,” Holforty said.
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One thought on “Bill to ban medical marijuana bars

  1. Yea that sounds like a dumb law the very fact it’s still iligal unless you need weed medically is something I cant understand it should be just as legal as beer or cigerets because I can guarantee that they both have killed more people than weed has beyond people trying to get it iligaly and deals going bad and them getting murderd. If anything there should more places where people are allowed to hang out with friends or others and smoke or eat weed it’s a way to make even more money and lure in more business if you can attract people to want t come to you. I personally don’t smoke weed but think everyone should haveto