Bath Fire Department helps keep ice-skating rink going

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By Emily Griffes
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

The Lince family, Renee, 8 (left), Jamie, 12 (center) and their mother, Laura, enjoy a day at the Park Lake Beach ice-skating rink. Photo by Emily Griffes

As January came to an end, it left those in Bath Township with more than just cold weather.

Every year, once the ice on Park Lake freezes over, the township clears a spot for a community ice-skating rink. But the parks and recreation department doesn’t do it alone.

According to Becky Goodwin, parks and recreation director in Bath Township, the fire department volunteers to help ensure the ice is thick enough to skate on.

“The fire department donates about a thousand gallons of water to us, which they put down onto the area that has been cleared of snow,” Goodwin said.

This year, township workers were faced with a little more work shortly after the rink was cleared. The blizzard that hit Michigan in the first week of February dumped an unwanted foot of snow right back onto the lake.

“We have to clear the rink again because of the blizzard,” said Goodwin. “And we are hoping the fire department will donate some more water, so we can open the rink up again soon.”

As soon as a sign is up stating that the rink is once again open, families can use the area for free.

“We do not have set hours, but obviously it is outside and there is no lighting so you have to use your judgment,” Goodwin said.

The Bath township is constantly keeping watch on the rink to make sure that the ice is thick enough for skaters.

“As soon as we feel that the ice has a chance of being too thin, we will take the open sign down and replace it with a sign saying the rink is closed due to weather,” said Goodwin.

The skating rink is at Park Lake Beach on Park Lake Road.

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