Aging population swells nursing home

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By Megan Ruth
Mason Times staff writer

According to the American Community Survey Demographic and Housing Estimates provided by the U.S. Census, 17.4% of Mason residents are over the age of 60. There is also a steady population of Mason citizens that are nearing retirement age as well. This growth in the aging population has increased the need for more assisted-living homes.

Loren Shattuck of the Historic District Commission said that Green Acres of Mason, an assisted-living home, will be starting phase 2 construction this spring. He said the addition will double the capacity for Green Acres, giving those looking for assisted living an opportunity to stay close to home.

The most recent National Nursing Home Survey said that there were 1,492,200 residents in 16,100 nursing homes around the country. A third of these homes, and a quarter of the residents, are in the Midwest.

Doug Maas, co-owner of Retirement Living Management, owns and manages 12 properties in Michigan. Green Acres is the company’s only property in Ingham County. He says that the company is not planning any other construction in the Lansing area at this time.

Maas confirmed that Green Acres will indeed be adding 20 beds to its facility. He says that it already has 9 people on the waiting list to move in, and current spaces were filled within 8 months of completion.

Maas says that construction will begin in March, weather permitting. He says the second phase of Green Acres will be finished in late summer, early fall.

With Mason having a growing population of aging citizens, Maas says that he has “more tours in the Mason area than any of our other communities in Michigan.” He believes that the addition will “benefit the residents of Mason greatly.”

There are two floor plans available for the one bedroom living quarters. There is a 430-square-foot option, as well as a 680-square-foot option. The larger option allows for a bigger bedroom as well as more space in the living area. Maas says they plan on adding 16 of the smaller floor plan and 4 of the larger one.  

On the right, the bigger floor plan allows for a larger bed and more living space


New residents will have access to the “Town Square” area of the community, which includes a coffee shop, post office, pharmacy and beauty shop, according to the Retirement Living Management website. There is also a community room, where residents can “enjoy a variety of activities,” as well as a dining area, medical room and laundry room.

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  2. Excellent job on the graphics and all of the links throughout the story were a nice interactive touch!

  3. GREAT story all around. A very informative lead and a good use of strong sources makes this story valuable. To compliment the story you use good visuals that practically tell the story on its own. This was a great way to use the census data and you did a good job of making the information relevant to Mason. Well done!