A chilly winter night at Dead Man's Hill

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A chilly winter night at Dead Man’s Hill

Why people go there

“I’ve been coming here since I was 12 years old when the hill opened,” says Mason resident Baleigh Morey. Although the name does attract attention what Morey mentioned is no graveyard. Ironically enough, Dead Man’s Hill is one of Holt’s main recreational spots. Located on south Cedar Street, south of Holt road, the 13 acre-park offers a popular spot for almost any kind of winter-related sport activity.

On Jan. 16, 2011 when temperatures dropped below freezing point, the cold winter night awaited an enthusiastic crowd of young and old eager to slide down the snowy hill. Kids no taller than four feet cruised nonchalantly on their snowboards as if gliding on air. “I really got into snowboards since I started designing skateboards” said another Mason resident Jim Sturgeon, artist and owner of Defye clothing. While Sturgeon took a break sitting on a bench watching his little daughter sled, others had a different plan in mind. A small group of individuals in their mid-twenties, enjoyed sledding, even chanting the MSU cheer “Go Green, Go White.”

In addition to the sledding and snowboarding, the site also provides a playground. Moreover, a pond at the bottom of the hill offers an ideal location for ice skating. Apart from its extraordinary physical characteristics, the hill holds pleasant childhood memories for many Michigan residents who previously resided in Holt. A Facebook page reveals 1,116 followers of the park and personal photographs and wall posts of people who enjoy visiting the park.

For further information on the Dead Man’s Hill, visit its Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dead-Mans-Hill/206949259539?v=photos#!/pages/Dead-Mans-Hill/206949259539?v=info.

– Kritika Bharadwaj

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