Cara Ball

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Cara Ball

Cara is a graduating senior at Michigan State University majoring in journalism with a specialization in documentary studies and an external specialty in ethnic studies.

At a young age, Cara’s mother would always encourage her to write in a journal. She would say, “…Because one day you’ll want to look back at your life, and see how you’ve grown.”

She took her mom’s advice; now Cara has journals which date back to elementary school, and that was just the beginning.

Cara has always had a passion for creatively expressing herself; whether through theater, year book, or even doing the school announcements at Wayne Memorial High School in Westland, Michigan. Cara’s outgoing and easy going personality, added with her desire to always know what was going on around her, led her to the field of journalism.

Cara knew that since she loves interacting with people, and even more so, she loves discussing the issues which affect them, that a career in journalism would be ideal for her.

Making the decision to further her education at MSU was a no-brainer. After all, MSU has one of the top J-school‘s in the country.

While at MSU, it has been Cara’s goal to experience every facet of journalism. During her sophomore year, Cara was able to job shadow with Fox 47‘s advertising affiliates.

The summer prior to her junior year, in 2009, Cara began interning at WLNS News 6 in Lansing Michigan, where she was given hands on experience and was able to witness the everyday hustle and bustle of local reporters.

These experiences have led her to pursue a career in documentary film. During the spring semester of Cara’s junior year, she was accepted into the documentary studies specialization at MSU.

Cara is currently working on two documentary projects — one as an independent study. Both projects are focusing on socioeconomic issues which concern our society. More importantly, they focus on the everyday people who are affected by these issues.

Cara’s mantra is, “Journalism is about story telling, and everyone has a story to tell; I just want to be the person to help him or her in telling that story.”

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