State of Michigan puts a ban on sales of two popular energy drinks

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Michigan Liquor Commission banned the sales of Four Loko and Joose, two very popular alcoholic energy drinks among college students. Store owners have until December fourth to sell out and remove these drinks of their shelves.

These alcoholic energy drinks fall in the two to five dollar price range and contain as much as twelve percent alcohol content.

WebMD along with other health experts discourage the mixture of caffeine and alcohol. They say it causes health complications such as blackouts and alcohol poisoning because the mixture prevents the person from feeling effects right away and leads them to believe that they need to drink more.

Tom’s Party Store employee Cody Kelley believes that this ban will hurt their business because it will upset their customers and they will not return to the store.

Loyal drinkers such as MSU senior Emily Wernet also think that the ban is unnecessary.

For now, these two drinks will be completely off the shelves on December fourth, despite talks of appeal by their makers.

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