Jack3d, work out supplements offer pros and cons

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New work out supplements promise to jump start your exercise routine and help you build muscle faster, but they come with precautions.

GNC store manager, Michael Lewis, says this year’s most popular pre-workout supplement is Jack3d. Loaded with creatine, beta alanine and geranium, Jack3d promises a boost of energy during a work out along with added supplements to build muscle faster.

The main side effect of taking Jack3d is a tingling sensation through your extremities. This jittery feeling bothers some but others get used to it.

One concern about taking supplements is that they are not required to be approved by the FDA. Some have been found to contain ingredients that are banned in the collegiate sports.

Joe Carlson, the director of MSU’s division of sports and cardiovascular nutrition, says the most important things that can change an athlete’s strength or performance is a proper diet and proper recovery time. Carlson says the perks of supplements can be provided through natural processes which saves you from the risk of testing positive for banned substances.

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