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As I type I’m sitting in the control room of Studio E anxiously awaiting the start of our second Focal Point taping of the semester. This week our theme will have to be adversity. It must have something to do with back-to-back weeks of tapings but it seems that everyone is stressed and running on empty. It seems if something can go wrong tonight, it will. But we’re here and we’re ready to get rolling!

As we set up the set and got our cameras ready, we noticed one thing about all of our anchors…they’re all women! We had Kelli and Petra on the desk, and then Kelley, Quita, and Erin doing our segments. Girl power at it’s finest!

Estimated start time of our show: 8 pm.

Actual start time of our show: 9:42 pm.

Kelley had an awesome story in tonight’s show about the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. She interviewed a gay, former ROTC member and got his perspective on the situation. Be sure to look for it on the website!

We also had an interesting look at why college students are less likely to attend church, and what local ministries are doing to make sure that changes. Erin did a great job with this story, make sure you watch it!

While going through our sports segment, anticipation for “the game” really set in. Yes, there is only one game I could possibly be talking about. As we battle Michigan in the Big House on Saturday, we send some of Focal Point’s finest to make sure they get great highlights of what’s sure to be an epic matchup of two undefeated teams.  Our thoughts are with the football team as they prepare for the big game, and we know that they’ll make us proud. I know I’ll be at the game cheering them on, and it seems like most of campus is making their way East this weekend as well!

As we look forward to the next show (Yes, the news never sleeps!) we are always looking for new story ideas. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see on the next Focal Point episode, please let us know! We would love to hear from our viewers.

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