Ladies Night @ Focal Point

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Welcome to Focal Point! Just a heads up that our show was anchored and casted tonight by our lovely ladies! `

So its is 7:30, and I just picked up my computer to get the blog rolling. As you might have already noticed…keeping up with the schedule is not our forte 🙂 I am not really sure when the show is going to start getting taped but hopefully soon, haha. I decided I should keep a time check on our progress throughout the night, so I will include the times throughout the night.

9:12, We are veryyy short crew members this week. Only four volunteers, including myself, showed up to help run the equipment during the show. We all scrambled to get every position filled and I almost had to run the prompter! (scary) I am pretty glad I wasn’t stuck in the control room because it is practically 90 degrees in there. There are a few fans in there, but they just circulate the hot air around 🙁 

9:30, Since tonights show is casted by all women and we get to put the guys to work behind the scenes. By looking at our set you might think the guys are slacking with the cleaning, but actually chords and wires are always lying around, waiting to trip somone! 

9:35, We still havnt started taping yet, but the anchors are very well practiced on thier lines by now. I can tell they are nervous and excited!

9:41, “STAND BY”…We started the filming with sports…GO GREEN!  We finished the second half of the show first and it only took 9 minutes! Its suprising how quickly and smoothly our show can run. Only if we could get our setup timing right!

9:55, since it is break-time, I thought I would give a rundown of some of the duties for the behind the scenes crew memebers. We have 3 cameras…with a crew member running each during the show. We have a floor director, who recieves instruction through headset from the head director who is in the control room. Inside the control room we have someone on audio- controling sound, graphics- displaying the names and pictures, tape deck- running the videos, teleprompter- supplying the anchors with the script, and the switcher- controling the switching of camera views and video shots.

10:01, We started filming again, with the first half of the show. We had to start over a few takes it looked we were headed straight for the finish.

10:20, Apparently the finish wasnt so straight…25 min later we ran into some difficulties. Our anchors were having a hard time seeing the teleprompter due to the glare from our perfectly postions lights, haha. After moving the cameras around, we were right back in the swing of things.

10:30, “Are we done?” ……. “We are SO done!” 🙂 Another successful show in Studio E!

Thanks for reading this week! Hope you all enjoyed!  also, FYI: We will not be taping next week, and there will not be a blog either

                🙁  Hope to catch you all on the 20th!

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