Looking Back on Show 1

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Looking back on our first focal point taping of the semester, and my first show as Associate Producer, I have to say I’m quite pleased. Despite a very late start time, issues with the chroma key and inexperience all around, we pulled off a great first show.

The night started quite early for our producers and E-board as we arrived at 5 p.m. in Bob’s office to work on the show run down and organize the tapes. Things became more and more delayed as we looked through the show rundown and realized that there were a lot of scripts in need of editing. The crew arrived at 7 (Thank God!) and worked on setting up the studio with the help of our wonderful advanced lighting class (Thanks Guys!!) while we scrambled to put the final touches on all of the stories.

Our reporters showed up looking fabulous and ready to start filming and quickly found out that it was going to be a late night. We finally got our scripts to our on-air reporters (Jazmin, Jonathan, Paul, Petra, Marty and Paige) so they could practice. Paul also was lucky enough to get a makeover compliments of Petra while he waited 🙂

As the filming started, I think all of the people in the control room would have to admit they were nervous and preparing themselves for a long night. Despite a few bumps in the show open, however, we were pleasantly surprised. Our stories were good, our anchors were great, and the problems were minimal.

Overall, a wonderful first show and we’re looking forward to lots more.

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