J Brooks

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Soooo where do I begin…..

I’m from a variety of places — born in Saginaw, lived in Ypsilanti (elementary), middle & high school in Detroit, then sweetly moved back to Ypsilanti( well my parents did… I went off to major in Journalism at MSU).

I am currently a senior (5th year…TOTALLY normal). I am soooo excited about graduating in May  because I can’t believe it came so fast. Looking back on my experiences here, I must say they’ve been great! Coming in as a freshman I didn’t know what to expect from the college world. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from myself. I knew I loved magazines and watching thriller movies so I was hopeful to land on the campus newspaper or something. Five years later, still not on the paper. I discovered later that my passion was not to write (Though someone who’s last name is Gould still insists we do).

I want to direct my own plays and film documentaries. I have some experience in learning how to direct radio shows while interning at WQHH (where I landed a job reporting due to my JRN background). My motto is: Work hard Young and Relax and Vacay when you’re Old. If you reading this have dreams, go after them. I pittied myself early on for not having as much experience under my belt as my JRN peers but the solution to that is to just pick up the phone and call your future employer and tell them you’re ready.

Thats all I have for you.

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