Angela Eaddy

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Angela Eaddy is currently a senior at Michigan State University with graduation approaching in May. She been doing some form of journalism since my sophomore year of high school. Journalism has been her passion for six years and it will continue to be as she progress and make her way into the professional world.

Eaddy graduated high school from Cass Techincal High School, ranked number 13 out of 439. She joined CT Visionary (the school’s newspaper) her sophomore year and was promoted to the hard news editor her junior year. When senior year came around she was the editor-in-chief of both the newspaper and yearbook. She spent many evenings in the newsroom prepping the coming issues and making sure spreads were completed in the yearbook. Senior year proved to be one the most strenuous Eaddy had faced but the pressure only helped her balance her time more effectively.Eaddy only applied to three colleges and was accepted to each of them but chose Michigan State because she was a Spartan at heart.

Eaddy hopes her great education at MSU will help her land her dream job–a cable network anchor job–or at least a nice internship with the likes of MTV or any other major media network. She believes that the world has so many opportunities available but they don’t go to people who aren’t actively looking. Eaddy has had one internship to date, but hopes her time with Focal Point will be an opportunity amongst itself.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.-Mark Twain

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