Campus Security at Michigan State University

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The Michigan State Police Department and the Department of Residential Life are working together to keep students safe this school year.

Michigan State University has placed a network of emergency green light telephones across campus. The more than 40-year-old phone system connects users with a police dispatcher.

“We have over 200 stations at various locations throughout the campus. That includes all of the ramps on campus and on each one of the floors on the ramps,” said Sergeant Florence McGlothian Taylor, Michigan State University Police Department.

Emergency room phones are installed on every floor in residence halls. During an emergency, students can receive important announcements by campus police.

“It also has an annunciation system that allows the campus police to make an emergency annoucement to individuals living in the hall. They can do that by neighborhood, building, or campus wide,” said Jeff Bonk, Assistant Director of Campus Living Services.

Some students feel safe on campus. “I see the campus police every time I am driving around or on the CATA. They are always around. So I do feel safe,” said Malika Shabazz, Media Arts and Technology Junior.

Security cameras are placed at near all external doors at residential halls and students must show their student identification card to get inside their residential hall at night.

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