Recycling and Commencements = Pkg 4

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The week that I had to do package for he last friday show was quite stressful leading up to that actual day. Anything that could went wrong during the shooting of the package. This includes equipment malfunction, wasted time, and uncooperative subjects. I practically lived at the Union that week. Students weren’t too keen on expressing their excitement about graduation let alone knowing anything about the recycling element of commencements. This was hard since I had to get them up to speed and then ask what they thought about it.
It was difficult because no one wanted to spare the time to talk to me about it. Worrying about putting together this package the same week as doing a million other things before was a complete nightmare, but I think it turned out rather well inspite of the challenges.
Friday’s all day event wasn’t as stressful as aI thought it would be. I was lucky to have help that day, especially I didn’t bring in on my own. The product was turned an hour late, but that’s not bad with all things considered. Plus, I wasn’t the only one.
This story had two elements to it. Obviously, graduation and recycling. I was finally pleased that I used my stand-up to transition the two effectively and properly.
Also, getting the interview with the official from the office of sustainability wasn’t too pleasant either because I had to go back a second time for her interview. This was because AI thought I lost the interview (turns out I found it later that day), but this taught me to not let anyone to borrow your tape.
All in all, focal point took a lot of persistence, time, and strength from me. More than I ever imagined. However, I learned a lot and am very happy at the knowledge I’ve acquired and the progress I’ve made as far as writing and storytelling. Also, better at knowing what types of shot for my helpers to get. This was a major struggle.

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