Focal Point is Gearing Up

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Tonight is our practice taping for the show. Next Wednesday all of our stories will be complete and we will run the actual show, but tonight we will practice anchoring and the crew will get a feel for all of the floor and control room positions.

I’m excited to practice anchoring. I did a Friday webcast last semester and it went really well, so I hope tonight does too. Reading the teleprompter while also focusing on your appearance and delivery is not as easy as it seems. I’m glad we are doing a practice run-through.

As far as content goes, I am not producing a package for this episode but I am going out and getting a VO/SOT/SOT  (video with two sound bites) this weekend. I’m covering Lil Sibs Weekend here on MSU’s campus. The event kicks off Friday night.

It should be a fun event to cover. Nothing beats a bunch of kids running around with their older brother or sister having the time of their lives at one of the greatest campuses in the history of universities. The University Activities Board, who is sponsoring the event, says they will have games, karaoke, laser tag, animals and much more so it should be a good opportunity for great video and fun sound bites.

In the meantime, I’m paying close attention to MSU and Lansing area news for a good package idea. I will need to pitch my story idea in the next week or so. If you know of any great stories that need to be told let me know!

Until next time…

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