3….2….1….Focal Point

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In the short coming hours, the Spring Semester of Focal Point, MSU’s student newscast will be under way. With the practice taping approaching, thoughts of rushing to finish a package or vosot are starting to creep into my head. Soon the only homework I will come to know is in video form. From shooting interviews and sports highlights to writing scripts and readers, Focal Point will soon control my after school activities. Nerves will eventually settle and thoughts of excitement will begin to set in, once the tally light turns red. Until then, my mind will be consumed with uncertainty. How will my first package turn out? Will I say the right thing ? Will it turn out how I think it will? Minimal experience has taught me that the only thing that is certain in news, is the deadline. Until then, I hope that I will find a way to turn in my story, to the best of my ability. Get ready, Focal Point is about to Start…..

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