Julianne Rapp

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Julianne is a self-proclaimed work in progress originating from Grand Rapids, MI. Writing entire stories by the time most children were writing mere sentences, Julianne knew she wanted to use her writing and creativity to tell stories to the world.

She started her college career at Michigan State University in the Pre-Med program with the goal of being a surgeon. Soon she discovered though, that it’s much more important to do what you love instead of doing what you wished you love. Starting her Junior year, she switched her major to Journalism, found a new love for broadcasting and has worked relentlessly to pursue her new dreams.

She hopes to produce innovative, investigative pieces and eventually documentaries. As of now, her future is wide-open and still unwritten, leaving countless opportunities to be discovered.

When she’s not a reporter-in-training she likes to write novels, experiment with cooking and dance as if no one else is around.

You can follow her on Twitter or add her on Facebook.

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