Mar. 29, 2002 CNS Budget

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Messages to the Editors

SPRINGTIME: Whether or not the weather shows it, spring is here, as reflected in several of your stories this file: State parks’ booming — and successful — central reservation system, healthy tips for eating out over holidays, and the dangers from those cute Easter pets. Other stories cover complaints about a state plan to allow higher levels of dioxin, fears among State Police troopers over possible loss of several of their posts, and a survey that shows how much life has changed in Detroit in 25 years.

HIGHER ED AHEAD: Our group interview Monday is with Glenn Stevens, executive director of the Presidents’ Council, State College and Universities. He’ll brief us on such matters as how budget crunches are affecting the four-year schools, the high-tech explosion on campuses and the controversy over dual enrollments.

Articles for week of Friday, March 29, 2002

  • EASTERPETS — That adorable baby chick or duckling may be a hazardous Easter gift, state agriculture and health officials warn. By Catherine Byrne. FOR SOUTH BEND & ALL POINTS.

  • STATEPOLICE — State Police officers in Southwest Michigan are concerned about the potential effects of a yet-unreleased plan for consolidating and closing some State Police posts. By Elizabeth Daneff. FOR SOUTH BEND, STURGIS, THREE RIVERS & HILLSDALE.

  • LIFEINDETROIT — Residents of Detroit and its suburbs are growing less satisfied with what the city has to offer, according to a new study released by the University of Michigan. By Maureen O’Hara. FOR MICHIGAN CITIZEN, MACOMB, C&G & ROMEO.

  • HEALTHYTIPS — Many Michigan restaurateurs are encouraging patrons to make healthy choices when dining out. A restaurant association has even issued a list of suggestions. By Audrey L. Barney. FOR GREENVILLE & ALL POINTS.

  • STATEPARKS — After many past troubles, the centralized reservations system for state parks is drawing many happy campers now. By Tracey Glazener. FOR HOLLAND, LUDINGTON & ALL POINTS.

  • DIOXINLEVELS — Environmental groups charge that proposed changes in state rules for toxic-contaminant levels would make Michigan ripe for potentially serious health problems. By Chris Yagelo. FOR ALL POINTS.

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