Confused about broadband? Here are basic answers.

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LANSING — Although the new high-speed Internet law will provide Michigan residents with fast and new Internet connections, many are still in the dark about what broadband really is and its benefits.
According to a survey by, 70 percent of those interviewed said they donÕt understand much about broadband.
Following are some basic answers to frequently asked questions about MichiganÕs new toy.
Q: What is broadband?
A: Broadband is a medium used to transmit data very quickly over the Internet. It allows consumers to “surf the Net” to navigate faster and download data 50 to 100 times faster than telephone-based modems. It also allows for its users to always stay connected without blocking normal telephone usage.
Q: Who uses broadband?
A: More than 10 million customers across the United States are now enjoying faster speeds and new content-rich local and national programming that takes advantage of the high-speed connection.
Q:Why should I use broadband?
A: Cable modems are providing their users with real-time access to video. They, can watch live telecasts, music videos or a personal video over the Internet without interruption or distortion.
Q: Who supplies broadband service?
A: Local cable companies. Many companies, including AT&T and Comcast, offer broadband options to their customers.
Q: How much does a broadband subscription cost?
A: The price varies by location, but the average is $35 to $60 per month. Source: National Cable & Telecommunications Association
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