Feb. 22, 2002 CNS Budget

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Articles for week of Friday, February 22, 2002

  • YOUTHVOLUNTEERS — Habitat for Humanity and other nonprofit housing groups may be violating youth employment laws, according to a state representative who also serves on Habitat’s board. He wants to change the law to allow youths to volunteer legally. By Wanda Reese. FOR LANSING & ALL POINTS.

  • PROSTATECANCER — (An in-depth report): Campaigns for early detection of prostate cancer have been less effective for minority men, but a Mid-Michigan effort appears to be paying dividends with better-than-expected survival rates. By Wanda Reese. FOR LANSING & MICHIGAN CITIZEN.

  • HOUSINGAID — Monroe County residents who need housing assistance can apply for federal funds to help pay their rent. By Audrey Barney. FOR MONROE.

  • ILLEGALALIENS — Proposed restrictions on driver’s licenses for undocumented aliens may be discriminatory, according to an opponent of the House-passed bill, By Chris Yagelo. FOR HOLLAND, MICHIGAN CITIZEN, STURGIS, SOUTH BEND & ALL POINTS.

  • BIOHAZARDPLAN — A House committee has approved a bill to require all hospitals to have a bioterrorism plan in effect. By Allison Miriani. FOR HOLLAND & ALL POINTS.

  • DRINKINGDEFENSE — The single vote against a House bill aimed at eliminating “voluntary intoxication” as an excuse for criminal behavior came from a lawyer. By Catherine Byrne. FOR U.P, HILLSDALE, SOUTH BEND & ALL POINTS.

  • SCHOOLCHOICE — Efforts to give students and parents more choices in the schools they attend are producing mixed results, depending on who’s being asked. By Maureen O’Hara. FOR MIDLAND & HOLLAND.

  • SCHOOLBONDS — Schools in Leelanau County may too much on the middle economically to benefit from a state bonding proposal designed to help struggling school districts make capital improvements. By Elizabeth Daneff. FOR LEELANAU.

  • CHILDSUPPORT — Deadbeat dads are giving way to a deadbeat system, according to testimony before a House committee. By Tracey Glazener. FOR MACOMB, LANSING & ALL POINTS.

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